short stories

Deep Focus, Volume One is now available for Kindle on Amazon!


Including the following stories:

A man who has a gift, a curse, an ability he doesn’t want—one that he sees no good use for. It’s a kind of knowledge that plenty of people long for, but which he only wishes to be free of.


Lydia has a most unusual power: power over time. Yet it’s a power that can’t get her what she wants most, and even she can’t stop the march of time forever.


A young man in a locked facility. They say they’re trying to help him, but he knows better. He wants out more than anything else in the world—except for one thing.


Stewart Courier is about to lose what he holds most dear, and he has no idea why. He doesn’t know it, but his life, his existence has been a kind of placeholder. He’s been marking time in a quiet drama, and his time is up.


A girl, blind from birth, learns what colors are when she begins to see them in her dreams.


Dr. Marcus Stolz isn’t perfect by any means, but he’s found the key to perfecting humanity: a treatment that can turn someone with the blackest heart into a model of virtue.


Trevor would do anything to be free of the obsession that rules him. One night he gets the chance to be free, but with just one string attached.


An ingenious invention means the world need never be short of food again—but what people want has a way of trumping what they need.


Phil Michaelson: middle-aged, middle class, middle manager. Always put upon, ordered here and there, belittled. The kind of guy who never gets the last word. Until now.


A plain black case with no return address comes in the mail for Elsie. Inside, a DVD of deleted scenes, scenes from real life. Her life.